Benefits Of In-App Payments For Your Business

In this article, we will learn about the benefits of using in-app payments , especially at a time like this, when it is preferable to avoid cash transactions.

What Are In-app Payments

This feature can be activated from your control panel and allows your customers to make payments from the booking app from their mobile device.

Since the phone is an item we always carry with us, in-app payments eliminate the cumbersome part of any payment , making it very easy for customers to pay for your services.

When you discover how easy your life is, in-app payments will be a key tool in your business .

These Are The Advantages:

Convenient For Your Customers, Convenient For You

In-app payments are very convenient because they facilitate the payment process: customers can pay for their reservations and bonuses directly from their mobile phone, anytime and anywhere they are just by pressing a button on the device screen.

So you too can forget to respond to customer requests to pay their monthly payments, your customers will do it autonomously thanks to payments in the application.

Greater Security In The Days Of COVID-19

As you well know, after the COVID-19 health alert it is preferable to make any payment by credit card or electronic payment to avoid contacts that can further propagate the spread of the virus.

By paying in-app your customers avoid doing it with cash payments , increasing your safety and that of others.

Automatic Debit, And Goodbye Delays

We will always ask for the default consent every time it prepares to invoice customers via the in-app. If you already have the prior consent to pay for the services they use in your center, you can activate the automatic charge for them, so that in the future it will release the charges when appropriate without asking them first because they have already confirmed it to you at the beginning.

This Allows You To Speed Up The Payment Process And Avoid Delays.

In the event that the charge cannot normally be made due to a problem with the card or availability, we will inform the customer to solve the problem with his payment method, and you will be able to monitor the reason at any time error and collection of failed payments.